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Sibenik is one of the most historically rich towns in Croatia.  The town is closely linked with the emergence and growth of the Croatian State.  Many of Croatia’s most prized historic and cultural monuments can be found in Sibenik.  The most important of these monuments is the famous Cathedral of Sibenik.  This original architecture project was built in the latter part of the Middle Ages and is very much associated with Juraj Matejev Dalmatinac, also known as George of Dalmatia.  He is regarded to be the most skillful Croatian architect during that era.  In modern times, Sibernik is a major tourist attraction, which neighbors the region where the best-indented archipelago in Europe (Islands of Kornati) and Karst hydrological phenomena amalgamate to form the most beautiful and attractive ecological tourist zone in Croatia.

SibenikThe restaurants that can be found in the area offer visitors a taste of Croatian cuisine.  The core of Croatian dishes is usually comprised of lamb, grilled dishes, baked dishes, and roast turkey.  In a particular section of the town center, there is a place called Dolac.  Here you will find no less than a hundred cafes that offer both great food and good music.

Sibernik is truly one of the most unique and interesting cities in Croatia.  It is located not too far from the northern part of Dalmatia and its port borders the estuary of the Krka River, which empties into the Bay of Sibernik.  The Bay of Sibernik is also connected to the Sibernik Channel via narrow straits.  The city is organized in a rather amphitheatric manner around the natural harbor and steep landscape features.  Sibernik enjoys mild climatic conditions throughout the year.  The average air temperature at the very start of the year is between 6°C and 24°C in the middle of summer.  The region also has over 2,500 hours of sunshine each year.

Mineral resources such as non-ferrous metals, aluminum and also textiles, food processing, shipbuilding, and tourism form the core aspects of the economy.  The city consists of some of the most historic citadels of St. Anne, St. John, and Sibicevac, directly opposite from the Old Town.  This area is known for its rather narrow, steep alleys and it is located in the western part of the region.  The modern areas of the city can be found in the north and southeast.  Viniculture and agriculture are the main occupations in Sibernik and its neighboring areas.  Waterfalls like Buk and islands such as Krka and Visovac add to the natural beauty of this region.
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