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Split is truly one of the most beautiful locations and tourist hotspots in Croatia.  The city is located within the Mediterranean climatic belt.  Hence, it enjoys warm weather throughout most of the year.  Split neighbors the central part of the Adriatic eastern coast near the surrounding regions of the Jadro and Zrnovnica rivers.  These rivers have been irrigating the land for no less than 1700 years.  Many tourists find the mild climatic conditions to be appealing and the 2700 hours of sunshine per year, which the area enjoys, makes it a great place for a summer vacation.  The regular sunshine means that one can even enjoy the sun during the winter.  This place is also regarded as a sort of oasis that is shielded from the wind.
SplitSplit consists of an industrial university and business center.  These two institutions ensure that the area maintains a good balance of commerce and industry, as well as a country-style environment.  The popular Marjan hill located at the westernmost part of the peninsula also adds to the uniqueness and natural beauty of the city.  Split has a wide range of forested parks within city and a few located near the seaside.  These seaside parks allow people to go on pleasant walks away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  The pine trees by the seaside also offer a refreshing shade from the sun.
Split by NightThe Romans were the first inhabitants of the city of Split and the Emperor Diocletian ruled over the region for a time.  He built his palace in this charming landscape around 293 AD.  This monumental palace is about thirty thousand square meters in size.  He lived in this palace for a few years after he stepped down as emperor.  The period after his reign was characterized by war and conflict.  Therefore, the palace was made into a town, which was initially inhabited by occupants of the nearby Salona.  Eventually, the Slavs and Avars were to takeover ownership of the town. 
The town flourished and expanded to unprecedented proportions.  Its rulers always kept changing from Croatian kings of the 10th Century AD to the Astro-Hungarian monarchy.  Today, one can still see the influence of all these ruling dynasties in Croatian everyday life.  The influences of that historic period have not overwhelmed the city since it is rich with a modern, Mediterranean charm.  Split is no doubt a lively and original place.
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