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Zadar is a tourist attraction located at the center of the Croatian Adriatic Sea.  This region is within the farthest indentation of the Adriatic archipelago and has attracted tourists from all over the world for many, many years.  If you are looking for historical monuments, cultural wonders, beaches, fantastic restaurants, and hotels, then Zadar may be the location for your next vacation, or even a place you want to live.

Zadar has excellent opportunities for residents and tourists who love yachting, and many tourists arrive by sea.  The charming beaches of Zadar, combined with the many intimate coves, draw water lovers from around the world.  Water loving Zadar tourists will be especially enamored of Zadar’s Maritime Museum.

ZadarThe Maritime Museum boasts a rich chronicle of the development of navigation in northern Dalmatia, as well as several thousand other exhibits.  These thousands of exhibits in the Maritime Museum are part of the Permanent Exhibition of Sacral Art and are often known as Zlato I Srebo Zadra, which translates roughly to The Gold and Silver of Zadar.

It is no surprise that this section of Zadar’s rich cultural heritage is known to be as precious as The Silver and Gold of Zadar.  The fascinating historical monuments of Zadar do not end there though.  The church of St. Donat is a symbol of the city of Zadar and is a location every tourist should visit, along with the many museums in the city of Zadar.

Zadar’s Archeological Museum was established in 1830 and is noted as one of the most important museums in Croatia.  The Archeological Museum hosts approximately 80,000 exhibits.  These exhibits span from times past as early as the Stone Age and into the late Middle Ages.  Along with the Archeological Museum, visitors to Zadar will want to drink in the beauty and experience the knowledge enclosed within the walls of the National Museum’s Art Gallery and the Department of Natural Sciences.

ZadarHowever, Zadar does not just cater to the intellect with an aesthetic bent.  Food has a rich heritage with the people of Zadar as well.  Zadar is proud of its fine tradition of homemade specialties.  Tourists will want to feast in one of the many restaurants offering Zadar’s national specialty foods and will not want to miss having a taste of Maraskino.

Maraskino is a specialty liqueur.  This famous liqueur of Zadar, dating back to the early 19th century, was a favorite in European Courts.  Whether in London, Vienna, or Moscow,  Maraskino is a prized specialty drink for tourists and resident alike.  However, you will not find Maraskino exactly like that made in Zadar since 1821 anywhere else on the globe.

Still, if specialty liqueurs, museums, and galleries are not your thing, Zadar holds many more wonders.  Zadar offers top conditions for sports activities and recreational games.  Known for its many tennis, basketball, and handball courts, Zadar offers just about any game with a ball involved and also has a large football field.  However, if you want to get off land and into the water, you will not find finer opportunities for sailing, windsurfing, rowing, scuba diving, or angling, than you will find in the city of Zadar.

Dating back to June 1879, when tourists from Vienna visited Zadar, this booming region at the center of the Croatian Adriatic has drawn tourists from far and wide.  Whether you choose to come for the rich historical heritage and culture of Zadar, to engage in water sports, to eat the national specialties, or simply to sip its fine Maraskino liqueur, you will find tourism in Zadar booming.  There is a reason this city is called Zlato I Srebo Zadra, and you are sure to find your own treasures among the gold and silver of Zadar.
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