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Nestling in a bend in the Sutla River close to the Croatian-Slovenian border in the county of Zagorje lays the charming village of Kumrovec. A sleepy hamlet whose neat stucco houses conjure the vision of life as it must have been led since time immemorial. The oldest part of Kumrovec (the Staro Selo) has been carefully preserved in the form of an ethnological museum, which consists of a number of late nineteenth, and early twentieth century homes. Saved from decay and maintained with meticulous historical accuracy this project has been ongoing since 1977. So far 40-odd houses and other farmsteads have been restored, which makes Staro Selo one of the most fascinating and best-conserved places of its kind in Croatia. Visitors may see a permanent exhibition of peasant life depicting the industry and social mores of this rural community such as: the Traditional Wedding, the Life of Newly-weds, From Hemp to Linen, Blacksmith's Craft, Cartwright's Craft, Pottery, From Grain to Bread and more besides. Perhaps most notable to those with an interest in the history of the Balkans is the birthplace of the president of former Yugoslavia - Josip Broz Tito, whose brooding monument stands close by. This building, one of the earliest and most substantial in the village, features a memorial museum of the Marshal that was opened by the man himself in 1953. Part of the endeavor of the Tito museum is to record local history and folklore for posterity.

Kumrovec Also of interest to the visitor is the studio of sculptor Izador Popijac featuring an exhibition of his works, a hands-on sculpture workshop where pottery and woodcarving can be studied. When the appetite for history and culture is sated the visitor can enjoy the glorious countryside of Zagorje; walking, cycling and angling on the Sutla river are the favorite recreations in the Kumrovec region. Venturing further afield tourists discover that Krapina-Zagorje County is one of the most idyllic in northern Croatia. Its many picturesque villages and small towns settle amongst ancient vineyards. Though its Mediterranean climate is perfect for vines and produces a number of delicious if yet undiscovered wines, the region is famous for a peculiar meteorological effect such that throughout Zagorje for one seventh of year is shrouded in thick fog. The region was before the First World War part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, many of the castles that pepper the area date from this time. The historical roots of the locale reach deeper than even that with evidence that the country was a site of habitation in the Neanderthal era; altogether an intriguing place.
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