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One of the most trafficked tourist attractions in the beautiful but troubled country of Croatia is the northern town of Krapina, located about sixty miles from Zagreb. There are about 5,000 people in the town of Krapina and this small town is located in the Hrvatsko Zagorje region.  Krapina’s townspeople work on farms, in textile and ceramic factories, and in the creation of electrical devices. However, the biggest industry in Krapina is tourism based on the beautiful foliage and the great attractions that drawn in people from all over Europe.

Krapina There are plenty of cultural landmarks that make Krapina a tourist attraction. The Krapina Museum of Evolution takes on the divisive issue of where we come from in an evenhanded manner. One of the world’s greatest archaeological discoveries in the world, a collection of prehistoric artifacts and dwellings, resides just outside of Krapina. When visitors aren’t at this popular historic marker, they are typically gazing at the preserved medieval town elevated above Krapina’s modern town square. Other cultural icons of Krapina include the Krapina Town Gallery, demonstrated local art and crafts, as well as the collection of the Franciscan monastery including religious texts and clothing.

Krapina has more to offer than museums and artifacts, however, and is a popular destination for outdoors enthusiasts. Tourists can go hunting in the forests surrounding Krapina, capturing typical forest game and celebrating afterwards in the pubs of this small Croatia town. Others will go to the neighboring Krapina and Sutla rivers to fish or enjoy a lazy afternoon on the beautiful river waters. Either way, there are a lot of options for people who want to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

Finally, Krapina offers some great and festive yearly celebrations of Croatian heritage. In June, tourists can witness the Kaj Children’s Festival. This festival includes poetry, singing, dance contests, and other artistic endeavors that allow parents and children to celebrate their deep roots in Croatia. In September, the Kajkavian Music Festival includes local artists who sing in the distinct accent of their region. Finally, there is the week of Kajkavian Culture, including the music festival, in which local artisans, musicians, and town leaders celebrate their town’s history and beauty. With so many events in such a small place, the average tourist or jet setter may be overwhelmed when planning their trip. The best times to go are obviously during the festival season between June and September, which also include the warmest days of the year. With warm weather, great people, and a fascinating history, Krapina is a great place wrapped in a small package.
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