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Opatija is no doubt one of the most attractive and unique holiday destinations in Croatia.  The area is located at the center of the Riviera and it is endowed with a beautiful landscape and gorgeous scenery.  Hence, it is no surprise that each year, the number of tourists coming to visit Opatija increases by substantial margins.  The city has a long history of tourism and it also forms a significant fraction of Croatia’s large overall tourism industry.  This region enjoys mild climatic conditions with thousands of hours of sunshine per year.  The rich vegetation and favorable climatic conditions are some of the reasons why this place has had a booming tourism industry since the 19th century.  Opatija also has a couple of historic hotels that were built in the mid to late 1800’s.  These two hotels, the Villa Angiolina and Kvarner, can be considered historic monuments and they are further proof of the city’s devotion to tourism.

OpatijaOpatija maintains a well-balanced symbiosis with the old and the new in terms of the way it has retained much of its 19th century characteristics, without letting go of modern times.  Here you can find sculpted parks, an illuminated promenade, and neat bathing places and fountains.  These bathing places and fountains are the framework for the numerous resorts and hotels, which offer accommodations for no less than six thousand visitors.  Opatija also has a wide selection of vacation property rentals such as cabins, lodges, condos, and town houses.

As a result of the rather temperate climate and Mediterranean-style air conditions, Opatija’s climate has a refreshing feeling that takes the edge off the regular warm baths of sunshine.  The sea and mountains also reside in close proximity to each other, giving the area a unique natural mix of green parks and blue seas.  Furthermore, beautiful buildings and modern ones merge in a way to form both a lively and quiet environmental setting.  If you are thinking about going on a vacation that is filled with outdoor activities, then Opatija is where you want to be.  This is because there are always regular outdoor activities such as carnivals, festivals, short trip events to national parks, and many other tourist attractions in neighboring towns.  Opatija also has a rich and healthy nightlife that is characterized by discotheques, classical music concerts, and good restaurants.  This area truly has everything you want or look for in a tourist destination.
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